Breath Work

Breathing?! Seriously?! Yes, short story about my near death experience

I got my second chance- don’t miss your, if you feel like it is something what might help you.
At that time I was living in Hawaii, due some previous life experiences I developed throat problems – was it mental problem? most likely.
was it physical? it’s how it felt. Insurance company didn’t want to help me and it was out of my budget to go to hospital from my own pocket.
For a month when I was going to sleep I couldn’t take a  breath. I had to sit up, burp and in this way I was unlocking my throat for few minutes.
Man that was exhausting!
I was getting more and more depressed. There were a nights when I thought that if finally I’ll manage to fall a sleep, I won’t wake up the next day.
I started to learn from my mistakes, do deep fasting- physical/mental reset and start to research, and later on attend breathing therapies and later on workshops.

I’m healed now and certified in live experience survival, breathing became my passion and I exercise breath on the daily basis.
I’m here to guide you  from my own and my client life experience.

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