Level up your wellbeing!

If we breathe well we live better, harmony in breathing is harmony in life, the beauty of existing.

Every day we get another chance of becoming more present in our life, the first thing we do at the moment of birth is inhale, and the last thing we will ever do at the point of natural death is exhale.
Many people are not breathing the way they should, shallow breaths are traped within our chest, when breath is directed into diaphragm and belly region is more beneficial for  wellbeing.
This accumulates and often leads to aches and pains that go on to become chronic.


The breath is also a great way to go back to living in the present moment.
You cannot breathe for yesterday or tomorrow.

A mind that wanders cannot make good decisions and a body that is overwhelmed with stress cannot fight infection as effectively as a healthy body.

Use these tools at any time you feel overwhelmed or stressed…


It’s a simple, FREE method which was giving to us, but yet we misuse it on daily basis, we think it’s granted but it’s enough to loose breath for few minutes and we are gone.

On what level breathing session can help?

  • change some breathing habits which you might be not aware of,yet

    do you know about dysfunctional reverse breathing?

  • Train your breathing muscles

    do you know about dysfunctional reverse breathing?

  • vitalizing, heating, weight loss

    Through improving exhalation

  • you deal with sleep disorders

    Snoring? Apnea? Insomnia? Night asthma? Bed wetting? Dry throat? And more…

  • stress, depression/anxiety, panic attacks

    Does it feel like life’s getting harder?

So, give it a try now. Take a long, deep breath IN through the nose and OUT from your mouth.
Internet is full of great videos, and articles but if you need 101 help then,
contact me and book a session on zoom or f2f.
I won’t charge you clinical rates as it’s your breath and we all should know how to use it in a proper way
               These days there is 300+ well marketet packages of breath modalities
yet, there is only 4 types of breathing:
Heavy / Shallow / Holding / Nasal breathing

                                                                                     well known breathwork around the world:

  • Pranayama

    Interest started back in 2017 when I felt like I was dying, since then I went through many breathing workshops, where I can share with you my biggest recorded until now Merit back from India teacher training (check Yoga service page)

  • Wim Hof

    I did my 10 weeks course with Wim Hof method and found it extremely beneficial!

  • Buteyko breathing

    With natural order of things I kept learning about breath and Buteyko method is fascinating as well! it allow you retrain dysfunctional breathing and+

  • Holotropic / Shamanic/Rebirthing

    Very potent !  can be dangerous when done in groups with unskilled people, continued circular deep breathing through mouth(intense-Holotropic)/nose(more gentle-Rebirthing)

  • Transcendental breathing

    Welcome to TB. another flavour of breath work🌻
    I’m a student of TM – meditation with mantra,
    Student of breathwork
    Student of ho’oponopono – forgivness practice

    TB- is gentle breathing circular breathing and focus on Ho’oponopono mantra with live instruments sound healing.
    This mix rise beyond ordinary limits,gently realising what doesnt serve us being best version of ourselves

                                    ➼Already in first breathing session we will investigate the  symptoms, and the treatments  according to your needs.
                                      you will get basic understandment of beneficial methods which you will be continue do them by yourself at home.



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