Sound Healing

Singing Bowls?! What are they

Some of you might have some knowledge about them already. My initiation story has a different twist.

First time I was introduced to sound healing in Nepal, where in some regions they called them “Dhwoni Patra”. Made from  metallic alloy depends on quality from two to seven different metals ( Copper, iron, tin, lead, gold, silver and zinc), with intention  to respond to 7planets/7chakras – our main energy centers .
For some time I participated in many different sound baths teachings and practices. Until I found teachers which resonated with me.
I had to trust them and feel on my own body their wisdom, as it’s was different from what I know from google and  western market music tones system. They taught me how to create sound mandalas, different patterns and techniques so I could have a merit certificate – if one would actually exist like that, over there 🙂
For singing bowl treatment which I practice it goes in this order:


Chakras, their colors and notes:

Root Chakra: Red, F Note.
Sacral Chakra: Orange, C Note.
Solar Plexus: Yellow, G Note,
Heart Chakra: Green, D Note,
Throat Chakra: Blue, A Note,
Third Eye: Indigo, E Note,
Crown: Purple, B Note.

Then for couple weeks I was looking everyday in different places to combine 7 of specific bowls, so here they are helping me and others on this journey 🙂

Remember there is so much more overtones in them then a single notes so whatever what system you believe, you benefit from their frequencies and vibrations
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